What’s up with the pain?!

I haven’t found many articles or blog posts from other women that addresses the issues of pain associated with this cerclage business. There’s a lot  of articles that explain what a cerclage is and about personal experiences but not about pain so I really don’t know if my pain level is normal. I have a lot of pain and I have a lot of soreness even after having my cerclage in since mid-December. The pain did not come through for about a week after the procedure and when it happened, let me tell you that I was freaking out! I was back in the emergency room only a few days after I came home from the hospital because I had no idea what was normal and what was not.

The pain comes through mostly at night and sleeping is practically impossible and now that baby is getting bigger, the pressure is intensifying each day. I can still definitely feel the stitch in my cervix and moving my legs when I sleep. Also, now that the baby is bigger, not only do I have to pee every two minutes it hurts so much when I have the slightest amount of pee in my bladder. Often,  I get the urge to pee but I really don’t have the NEED to pee.

As of today, I have ten days left with my cerclage in and I am very excited to get this thing out of me. My fear is that I really do not know what it looks like in there and what will happen during the removal and also during delivery. I have been guilty of asking Google to many questions and I have read many horror stories late at night. Horror stories such as scar tissue and cervix not being able to dilate so the only option was an emergency C-section. Now, my feelings about C-sections are for another blog post.

I wonder if any other women are going through the same thing and are also having issues with the amount of pain. If anyone ever read this, I would love some input!


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